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joseph lamptey

Letter to FIFA on the life ban of the ghanaian referee

Dear FIFA We need more of that decision in AFRICA

I agree that referee Joseph Lamptey has been used as a scapegoat, yes there have been bad officials all over the world, especially in Europe, and you could mention their names here, why not them but an African? Is he punished because he is African? the answer is a simple yes and only African officiating officials should be punished for their intolerable errors because we need change more than the westerners, bad officiating has been repetitive in our part of the world, sometimes it feels like a Déjà vu (same old thing happening again), and it’s hard to comprehend.
These attitudes of our middlemen more often than not, incite hooliganism, which isn’t healthy for the game we love. A European would just boo you, an African will throw missiles and wait for you outside the stadium.
Our football could be better without bribery and corruption, fine! it could be that Joseph Lamptey wasn’t bribed for his decisions over the years ( CAF Champions League, World Cup qualifier, Local League games) perhaps they were sheer errors, do we need such unpardonable errors in our football again?
You ask why an African should be punished so harshly by FIFA? And I ask you, why should a European, or an American be punished instead?
 Performance of African referees need much more improvement Vis a Vi the Europeans, though they have their own problems. We need change which can make us trust our officials. As FIFA president said at the GFA secretariat a couple of days ago,
“My main priority is African football, we said it 27 years ago that African football is the future, 2002 we all said African football is the future, last 10 years we said same, when would African football reach its supposed future, the future is now. The African is passionate about football, you see it when you walk through the streets of Accra, that passion should help us develop the game” Said Gianni Infantino

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